We combine long-term thinking with focused execution of high-impact priorities

Thoughtful Engagement

We partner with outstanding management teams. Our job is to ask the right questions to align on a shared vision for each business, and to deliver the capabilities that support our key priorities.

Flexible Time Horizon

Because each of our businesses has meaningful potential, we want to enjoy the benefits of a flexible time horizon.

We approach each business as if we will own it for the long-term, while remaining flexible to realize on our efforts at the optimal point in the journey. This allows us to make strategic decisions with a view toward significant and sustainable value creation.

Abiding Commitment

We are committed to being responsible owners and stewards of our businesses. We partner with our management teams to implement sustainable practices focused on our local communities, the environment, and the engagement and diversity of our employees.

Not every business we acquire in oriented toward responsible investing at the time when we invest. We consider it an important responsibility, and a privilege, to support them as they evolve.