About Us

Established in 2012, Altas pioneered a more purposeful approach to owning and building great businesses

When we invest, we recognize that we are embarking on a journey that is unique to each business.
Our focus is building stronger, more durable and even more valuable businesses in partnership with great management teams.
Our flexible time horizon allows us to sell when our work is done, not when our time is up. 

Our excellent performance reflects our success in creating long term and sustainable value for all of our stakeholders

Our Firm

We have a singular strategy. Each year, we invest in only one or two businesses that possess the rare combination of quality and opportunity. We keep our bar high. This gives us the best chance to generate great results with less risk.

Today we steward more than $11 billion of our partners’ capital.

Our Focus

We acquire sizable market leaders that still have untapped potential, investing from $400 million to more than $1 billion in each.

We identify these businesses by applying a framework, focused on key attributes, developed over many years.

By focusing on companies in our backyard – with headquarters in North America – we benefit from being close to our management teams.

Our Commitment

We are committed to sustainable and responsible investing. This means choosing our businesses wisely and, as stewards of them, ensuring that they make a positive contribution to all of their various stakeholders, including their communities, and the environment.

Not every business we acquire in oriented toward responsible investing at the time when we invest. We consider it an important responsibility, and a privilege, to support them as they evolve.