Altas Partners Completes Acquisition of DuBois Chemicals

Altas Partners has completed its previously announced acquisition of DuBois Chemicals Inc. (“DuBois”), a premier provider of customized and value-added specialty chemicals solutions and services to more than 15,000 customers.

Founded in 1920, DuBois researches, develops, manufactures, and supports a broad range of customized specialty chemical products and related equipment. DuBois is a solutions provider to its customers, helping them address their significant performance, quality, cost, safety, and compliance issues and challenges.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, DuBois leverages its proprietary chemistries and unique on-site service and support capabilities to offer a compelling value proposition by reducing downtime, minimizing defects, and extending equipment life for its customers’ applications. As a result, DuBois maintains strong loyalty across a diverse customer base that relies on its technical expertise and broad suite of product solutions to ensure their machinery, processes, and systems run seamlessly.

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